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I have known Micah for many years and his ability to focus on sales, the win/win scenario and people management has been (and continues to be) top notch. His skills for operations, team growth and logistical operations set the bar for others to strive for. Never one to cut corners, Micah is a tangible asset to any team or company!

Erik HolmbergErik Holmberg

President, Nauvatis Coaching and Consulting

I am honored to write a recommendation for Micah I Salazar. I reported to Micah during his tenure as Director of Operations and ultimately Vice President of Operations for Outdoor Adventures while I was the General Manager for The Adventure Park at Nashville, operated by Outdoor Ventures.

Among the many leadership qualities I appreciated was his ability to listen, read between the lines, and take actionable steps to move things forward.

In troubleshooting problems, Micah was always the first to step back with ease and take a global look at the situation before coming up with solutions. This ability to diagnose the situation with laser focus, then help come up with a plan, is a gift. A natural visionary and process person with brilliance to come up with winning strategies.

I also witnessed him implement various systems and programs that brought the company greater efficiency and significant cost savings.

I would recommend Micah to any business that wants to grow both fiscally and culturally. If there is disharmony or room to grow in any aspect of the business, Micah can help.

Lynda Kelly

General Manager

I had the good fortune to work with Micah for 6+ years at The Adventure Parks of Outdoor Ventures. Micah was well-known in our industry and upon coming to our company, he proved himself an asset very quickly. Micah oversaw the Operations of our chain of Adventure Parks throughout the United States and was responsible for making sure everything ran according to plan. Over the course of his tenure with us, he implemented various systems and programs that brought the company greater efficiency and significant cost savings. Under his leadership, the Parks had sustained positive reviews from guests, an increase in repeat guests and he helped build an incredible team of Managers across our Parks. Micah led our Parks during the heart of the pandemic which is no easy feat and our continued success has a lot to do with him. Micah is also very personable, fun and an adventurer. He’s a well-rounded asset for any team.
Melissa Houle

Project Manager, Dedicated Leader

As a direct report of Micah’s, I always knew I could contact him whenever I needed additional support or resources. As the Vice President of Operations, Micah works hard to ensure that all aspects of Outdoor Ventures are aligned to meet the company’s vision and mission. Additionally, Micah trusts the team of people he works with and encourages everyone to develop solutions to unique problems. This fosters a creative, collaborative environment where ideas are welcomed and appreciated. Personal and professional development is important to Micah, and he was always working to support my goals for the future. I found Micah to be an incredible leader to work for, and an amazing person to know. Any company would benefit from his extensive knowledge and experience in managing operations and leading people.
Annika Spriggs

Salazar Systems, LLC

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